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Why Auction House Tokyo is best spot to get japanese used car.

Great Value, Money Back Guarantee and can shop with Confidence and much much more merit buying car from Auction House Tokyo. these service will broad to you by 24/7 Customer Service, all time assistance from early morning to late midnight on Japan time.

Great Value
Our Seller offer you competitive prices on our various items range. and our selling system is auction style, so every our items final price depends on You!

Money Back Guarantee
We know purchasing overseas transaction is quite risky for car buyers. so Auction house Tokyo provides a safest way to send money without worrying about overseas transaction.

Shop with Confidence
Auction House Tokyo has Customer Protection Services for overseas car buyer. It covers your purchasing from first time click to shipping car overseas.

Not just from PC, you also can access Auction House Tokyo from your Smartphone too. get the Live Auction House Tokyo on your fingertips right now!

Search from Auction list.
Try Auction house Tokyo, now and know why Auction house Tokyo is best spot to get japanese used car.


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    FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Auction House Tokyo
    >> How can I find the best used car website?
    >> What is the best way to pay for a used car?
    >> What points do we need to check before buying used cars?
    >> What is the differences between FOB Price and total cost?
    >> What is the best used car to buy?

    How can I find the best used car website to buy from Japan?
    When you importing used car from Japan, you might face a challenge of receiving totally different unit, or payed for a unit but never reach to your country or even having problem importing unit.

    but dont worry, Auction House Tokyo has a 3 promises that will solve all the problem you have. Like which are Money Back Guarantee, Used car Details Confirmation Service and Used car Logistics Service.

    What is the best way to pay for a used car?
    Please make a payment by T/T(Telegraphic Transfer) or Wire Transfer.

    * We do not accept other payment methods like Credit Card.

    Auction House Tokyo has Money Back Guarantee. It will be applied to all transactions purchased under Auction House Tokyo receiving agent service.

    You will find Auction House Tokyo System is genuine and can feel safe and the payment process is secured for sure.

    What points do we need to check before buying used cars?
    Before buying used car, most of people pay attention to only price of used car and year, mileage.

    But you should also check the condition of the unit as well. We prefer you must also check the import restrictions before you choose the car.

    * For more information about restrictions, please see Contact Page.

    What is the differences between FOB Price and Total Price?
    The Price of vehicles listed on Auction House Tokyo is the FOB Price normally. Some of listed vehicles might be Total Price.

    FOB Price includes Auction Fee, Inland Transportation Fee(in Japan) and some other costs required until the vehicle reaches to ship.

    FOB Price does not include Ocean Freight, Marine Insurance Fee and some other costs required after the seller ships the vehicle.

    * To get the accurate Total Price including Ocean Freight, Insurance Fee and Other Fee(like Documentation Fee etc), please contact each seller from listed vehicle page.

    What is the best used car to buy?
    It depends on which points you care on vehicle you looking for. For example, your budget, usage and so on. Why not try click the right side of listed vehicles link to see which car is popular in your country or distination area.

    or If you could not find or decide vehicle yourself, you can always contact our customer support team thru above form.

    We will look your best car from our variety stocks that are listed in our website for you.

    Your Sincerity.

    Auction house Tokyo